VR movie "Motocross"
Term of development:from 2,5 months
The main task of Digital Gravitation in VR-direction is the development of content, which can be filled with a new reality, making maximum use of the capabilities of VR-technologies. For the last 2 years we created 15 films for simulators of virtual reality of our customers and partners.
Description of the project:
For sure, everyone watched the competition on motocross and admired the ability of these brave guys to drive where it is difficult to go. And all these crazy jumps and overcoming obstacles seem impossible at first glance. Sometimes you look and think, this is the last jump in the life of a motorcycle racer. An, no, every time, showing the wonders of owning your body and motorcycle, the athlete goes dry out of the water! Try and you! Take the first step in a cohort of extremals!
Movie for Oculus "Motocross" | Stereolife
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